Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pics of my friends

Hiking up a cerro(small mountain)
At parade featuring all the schools
Cleaning for "Rock" concert to raise money

At the rock concert to raise money for Muni
Cleaning up for a "rock" concert. these 3 are in the pic below

On my site visit, doing  a cleanup project

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This post is out of order

September 22, 2009

Today we had a parade. If any of you are from small towns, you know just how big an annual parade can be. But it struck me that back home our parade was built around the Homecoming Football game. The parade here is for the founders’ or historical figures from the city. So, ever since I’ve been in site, I’ve been hearing about the big parade with all the schools marching. And for the past few weeks, you can hear the off and on drumbeats of kids practicing. So with all the hoopla, I was looking forward to seeing what Pirayu’s finest have to offer. I had signed up to be a volunteer with the Muni, although I had no (and still don’t) idea what that entails. All I know is that I showed up at the plaza early, and stood around until the parade started. So we’re standing around and I notice some funky, ugly looking clouds off in the distance. Uhoh, I thought, that could be trouble. I mention this to a friend of mine, “Va a llover?”(It’s going to rain?). She looked up at the clouds, “No, esta bien” (It’s okay). So with that, I turned up the tranquillo-ness and relaxed and waited for the fest
ivities to began. While walking around the various venders I noticed a guy selling that sweet popcorn that I love so, so I start walking after him when I admonished myself, “After the parade, Vonda; there should be plenty!” okay, so back to waiting on the parade. I’ve posted below a video clip that I made (first time using iMovie so bare with me), of some of the parts I think are representative of the parade as a whole. The outfits are more or less the same, with some variation of colors. The teachers wear uniforms and march also. And there’s a kid out front facing the VIP’s (Mayor, Governor) who does the baton thingie. The kid in the video was my favorite, and I started recording him in the middle of his performance. Look at the expression on his face....

So first the escuelas (from PreK to 13y/o), then the colegios (like high school) were supposed to go. Notice I said supposed. All during what seemed like 50 escuelas, the storm clouds were moving in and it was looking bad. But looking around, no one else seemed to noticed, so I went back to watching the parade.

And then......the bottom fell out of the sky....Everybody ran for cover. People even were holding chairs on their heads (I thought about doing that, but couldn’t go out like dat). So I huddled with about 40 others behind the stage underneath the covering. And then, just like that the rain slacked off, but by then the parade was over and I was soaked. So I walked to the house and belatedly got my rain jacket, then decided to walk back to the plaza to s
ee what everyone was doing. The afterparty was happening in the plaza. People were milling around, talking, laughing with friends....then it started raining again. In the clip below, see how towards the end everyone starts running? HAHAHA

And then....the rain stops....and you can even see blue sky. Ah, asi es la vida in Paraguay. oh and i never did find that popcorn guy.....and trust me...I looked.